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Michelle Burkart, CLPF - Professional Fiduciary

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Michelle Burkart is the founding principal of TH!NKresolution, a San Diego firm that provides private, professional fiduciary and probate mediation services to her clients.

As a licensed professional fiduciary her services include:


  • Private Fiduciary Consultations & Assessments 

  • Trust & Estate Fiduciary Management

  • Trust Accounting

  • Trustee, Successor Trustee, POA

  • Probate Mediation & Facilitation

  • Eldercare Mediation & Facilitation


Her client base ranges from young professionals, family businesses, to retired individuals, and seniors aging in place. Her extensive background in business combined with her credentialed mediation experience supports the trust, confidentiality, financial management expertise, and “client-oriented service” values needed to provide successful fiduciary services for you. 

Contact Michelle at


2534 State Street 

Suite 302

San Diego CA 92101

CELL: 619-249-2758
OFFICE: 619-516-8130

Professional Fiduciary Lic # 1050

"As a Fiduciary, Michelle Burkart's background in business helped my client to reorganize their financial management system for ease of use by anyone who is helping him with his personal or healthcare needs. This has been a godsend since he has had three major health issues in the last 2 years. It has also helped me with the financial planning needs for this client to secure his future." 

Eric B. 


"As the POA for a friend of mine, Michelle Burkart quickly came to our rescue when his administrator of 20 years suddenly left his employ. She assisted me in sorting through financial, medical, and care giving needs of my friend who has suffered a sever accident two years earlier. Her professionalism is impeccable, and her resource network is vast. Could not have done it without her help." 

Rene V R. 

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