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Tom Lawler - Estate Planning Attorney

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The firm was founded in 1990 by attorneys Dennis E. Fay and Thomas C. Lawler. Mr. Fay practiced primarily in North County, his office located first in Carlsbad and later in Del Mar area.  Mr. Lawler has maintained an office in the Mission Valley area. 


Following the death of Mr. Fay in 2011, the firm has continued carrying on its tradition of delivering exceptional legal services to its clients throughout the County via its San Diego office. The firm represents a wide range of clients, including individuals, fiduciaries (both private and corporate) and various business entities. 


With nearly 30 years of experience in handling estate planning matters, we pride ourselves on creating practical and cost­-effective solutions for our clients’ legal challenges, regardless of size or complexity.

Contact John at

Fay & Lawler, Attorneys at Law

4950 Waring Road, Suite 2

San Diego, CA 92120


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