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Ric Goodman & Kim Paton - Senior Real Estate Consultants

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Ric Goodman and Kim Paton are Licensed and Certified Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) dedicated to providing Seniors with services to ease, simplify and most importantly to PROTECT SENIORS who are contemplating their retirement housing transitions. In 2014, they founded an organization called HARP (Housing Advocated for Retired People), focusing exclusively on helping and protecting Seniors.

With over 31 years of San Diego Real Estate experience, Ric & Kim have developed unparalleled negotiating skills, extensive real estate wisdom and industry resources. This provides you with two indispensable team members you can trust to have on either side of your real estate transaction.


Contact Ric and Kim at

Housing Advocates for Retired People (HARP)

Exp Realty

848 Prospect Ave.

La Jolla, Ca 92037

CELL/OFFICE: 619-871-0900

DRE #01173208, 01725870


"As I watched the quick cash sale of the condo next door, I decided it was a good time to sell and move into a senior living community.  Someone I respected recommended Ric Goodman and Kim Paton.  I had another realtor in mind, but out of respect for my friend, I called for an appointment with Ric and Kim.  I was so impressed that I introduced them to my son, and very soon we signed a contract.  A week from signing the contract they scheduled an open house.  Before the open house they had scheduled a photographer to make a video of the condo, and the listing was online.  Thirty people attended the open house, and a few days later, Ric and Kim brought us 10 offers, which they had vetted very carefully.  Three of the offers were cash.  One offer came in at list price, but Ric suggested that we counter over the asking price.  That buyer quickly accepted that counter, and we were in a 21-day escrow.  That escrow process was the easiest escrow I’ve experienced.  A month after signing the contract with Ric and Kim I moved into my new senior community.  I was daily in awe of how easy that process had been and how satisfied I was with the outcome. I just couldn’t stop grinning.  In the process of working with them, Ric and Kim shared information regarding the organization they formed, HARP (Housing Advocates for Retired People), offering other services to help Seniors in their transition process and also the fact that they are members of a Senior Advisory Council, which is dedicated to assisting seniors in planning for their long term care.  I carry Ric’s and Kim’s business card in my wallet all the time, ready to quickly recommend them to anyone who might have the need of a great realtor." Lenona C.

"My husband and I needed to relocate across country and needed to sell our home quickly. However, we had many on-going remodel projects going at the time and my husband had to leave. I was in panic mode trying to finish everything myself and pack up 20 plus years and 5 kids worth of living to get the house on the market. Ric Goodman and Kim Paton and their HARP team walked me through the process and helped me prioritize my remodel jobs, gave me pep talks and support when I needed it the most. The day I said I was ready for the house to go on the market, a sign showed up like magic and within 11 days the house was sold. I am still amazed how quickly and smoothly it all happened. I still have my sanity and a beautiful new home. Thanks Ric and Kim, I could not have done it without you." Mary T.

Follow-up, personal care and diligence! These days you forget how it was in the old days when you had a personal relationship with businesses.  When you called and there was a friendly, thoughtful, and caring voice on the other end. Ric Goodman and Kim Paton of HARP are different because they developed a relationship with me that gained my trust because they listened to me, answered my questions, took time to explain the very complex technicalities of my situation, and never forced, urged or pushed any decision.  They were extremely knowledgeable and always returned my calls, texts, and emails quickly. All the team were extremely polite, dependable, smart, and professional. Call HARP when you want honest, caring and successful advice!" Mark and Linda R.

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