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The SAC Team is known to seniors in San Diego County as the SPECIALISTS WITH SOLUTIONS. We have provided all day “Ask the Expert” seminars for seniors to attend to ask questions and get answers, in home mini sessions with a few of our team, community outreach to senior groups for assistance with home care issues. We pride ourselves on being a resource for our seniors and their families. There are several ways you or your group can take advantage of our expertise. So, feel free to contact us directly or follow our calendar to see what events may be coming your way. The only requirement we ask is that you register in advance so we may plan accordingly. 

Assisting the Elder
SAC “One on One” Solutions

Our SAC team can provide individual consultations to you or your family in any of the areas of expertise. Check our services page to see what areas you may need help.  We have set up two consultation time frames per week to include a morning slot from 9:00 to 12:00 and an afternoon slot from 1:00 to 5:00 in incremental ½ hour sessions. Please refer to our contact page to see what is available. Then use our email message box to request your time slot with your first choice of time and then your second choice. The expert will be contacted and will follow up with your request. 

Marketing team meeting
SAC “Mini” Team Solutions

You or your family may want to meet with a few of our resource experts at the same time perhaps in one of our related service areas. We can set up a virtual zoom meeting upon request for service. Please use our contact page to send your request to coordinate a mini meeting with some SAC team members. 

Web Design
Public Speaker
“Specialists With Solutions” Webinars
Community “Ask The Expert” Solutions

Our SAC team has the expertise in over 11 areas of asset preservation, legal solutions, senior care and aging in place planning. We are scheduling the next year for three webinars that will be scheduled once a quarter. These will provide updated information and resources in any one of our four service areas. Please go to our contact page and let us know your contact info so we can send you updated information.  You will also be able to check our website calendar of events and register there as well. 

Our SAC team has provided all day events to help you with answering your questions from A to Z in senior care. If you have a community organization that is interested in learning more about Senior Care resources, planning, and answers to “aging in place” let us know. We can come to your meeting to introduce you to the SAC Team of experts…the Specialists with Solutions. Please use our contact page to leave your request. 

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